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community manager for worldfolio

1 años
jornada completa
850 EUR mes
hace más de 60 días
Company description:

Worldfolio is the leader in the production of socio economic country reports with 36 years of experience in the market, launching an average of 80 projects per year in more than 50 countries around the globe. Every year we conduct an average of 3,000 one on one interviews with key government officials and top business executives.

Job description:

• Manage Worldfolio’s social media campaigns and strategy
• Interact with followers and create new followers
• Interact on forums and other blogs
• Manage Worldfolio’s blog and interact with participants and bloggers
• Create engagement with followers and awareness for the brand around the world
• Develop presentations and reports to communicate both internally and externally the proceedings and results of the company

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop outreach and engagement tactics around goals to increase sharing and spark conversations, while converting viewers into followers
• Curate all content produced and determine what to share, how to share and when to share
• Craft your ideas and messages to fit any medium
• Engage with empathy, see the brand from the perspective of the fan and react accordingly
• Determine the best way to handle feedback and how to respond in the appropriate fashion
• Alleviate situations with your responses, not intensify them
• Empower the audience and give it a voice
• Dedicate yourself to being the face of the brand, keeping in mind that everything you do affects the company’s image
• Measure the impact of your work using the metrics available to you be proactive about finding and analyzing the data.
• Multitask and stay organized among multiple platforms, tracking feedback and then sharing it with the team
• Adapt continuously between being a marketer, a PR person and a communications expert


• English native speaker preferred high level of written English necessary
• Experience writing and editing required
• Knowledge of Community Management
• Experience managing international social media accounts and/or creating ads for social media
• Experience making decisions and changing course based on analytics
• Ideal profiles are proactive community managers or people active on social media with knowledge of journalism, communication or writing. Also, journalists or communication managers that have specialized on social media and community management

Job type:

1-year internship located in Madrid, 850 Euros per month

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