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logistics manager

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We hereby seek to employ the service of a Logistic Manager to deliver the following functions
- Mission: Manage processes related to company’s supply chain, liaising with a variety of parties including suppliers of branded items, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and consumers finding the best merchandise or services at the lowest possible purchase price, to be delivered in the shorter period of time.
- Coordinates processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Implement techniques and procedures to ensure service excellence and increase customer loyalty. Uncover obstacles preventing a higher level of customer service.
- Helps to find and select foreign and domestic suppliers. Evaluates suppliers based on price, quality of products and services, support, availability, reliability and solution of operational problems. Negotiates prices of products and services.
- Provides awareness and set up strategies to respond to external influences, such as legislation, fuel costs and environmental obligations.
- Ensures transportation, stock control, warehousing of company’s products, and monitor the flow of such products. Monitor the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods. Selects IT systems to manage logistics operations.
- Discover and create new ways to overcome service obstacles.
- Supervise contract compliance by products submitted by licenses.
- Analyze data to monitor performance and plan improvements

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